Monkey Mods

Hello Moderators!

Thanks for helping me keep my channel clean and fun.  Here are all the commands you have access to on

Beam built-in commands:

Custom Mod Commands:

  • !so [@USER]
    • Shouts out to a user.  Like a Miner or another Mod, or someone we all like in the channel.  I’ll usually ask for these out loud if I can’t type it myself.
  • !raider [@USER]
    • Gives a thanks for someone who raids the channel, also needs a user.

Public Commands:

  • !join/!ip
  • !map
  • !catfacts
  • !uptime
  • !joined [@USER]
  • !followage [@USER]
  • !pizza
  • !yt/!youtube
  • !donate
  • !bananas
  • !twitter
  • !socials


  • Be respectful / Don’t be a jerk
  • Keep chat language Family Friendly
  • Hate speech, sexism or racism is an automatic ban
  • No politics / religion talk
  • Please use English only for the sake of the mods
  • Don’t advertise your channel

They’re not complicated.  Feel free to use the 3 strike method.
Default timeout is 5 minutes.
I have no problem with all caps…I don’t know what the big deal is about that…but I guess I don’t want people overusing them, so use best judgement.