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MonkeyDKSAge: 31
From: Boston, MA (ish)

MonkeyDKS is by far the best looking member of Monkey Mines. He has been playing Minecraft since 2009 and knows pretty much everything there is to know about the game. All his deaths and stupid mistakes are made purely for the enjoyment of his YouTube audience.

Monkey doesn’t play a lot of games, but he has played WoW and LoL as well as many Tower Defense games. BloonsTD5 is his current favorite. Monkey likes chocolate milk, Audible, tech news podcasts and long walks on the beach.

You can learn more about him on his YouTube channel[/box]

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DragonMasterr495 Age: old as the High Hills where he lives with his pet dragons.
From: England, UK.

DM is by far the oldest member of Monkey Mines. He started playing with DragonSlayer495’s account back in Beta (1.6.6) and knows some stuff, although not everything! Dragonslayer495 (DS) is of course his son (the second youngest player on Monkey Mines).

He loves animals (except cats) and has a collection of dragons and wolves at Dragon’s Keep (his High Hills home), sheep at Bo-Peeps Amusement park (for sheep that is) next to an Englishman’s home is his Castle (his gatehouse ruins at spawn), and has all 35 horses in his Stables out on the plains some 4000 blocks from spawn.

His biggest rival is BinaryGuy10 who he competes with to design parts of the server. His main achievement to date was designing the Tardis (the Nether hub) before horses came along. Having built a vast chunk of the railway system, whist Monkey was locked up in obsidian (BinaryGuy’s prank), he’s now thinking it should have been race tracks, as horses are quicker than mine carts!!

His current aim is to return the beacons to spawn, but that involves killing someone. His main problem is he can’t decide who.

He also loves board games, especially Talisman, and has developed a number of his own board games with his son, DS.

DM loves chocolate and cheese, however they don’t like him!!!!

You can watch his joint channel with DS, at On the channel are mostly Minecraft, including some Skyblock videos, a few Magic the Gathering videos  and some Dungeons and Dragons Online videos.[/box]

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killamnjaroAge: 17
From: Houston,TX

Hi, I’m known by many names. On the server, I’m killamnjaro. I used to go by Dj Majaro, but now I go by The Manjaro.

I’m currently 17. I am a brony and have been for about 2 years now. I want to be an animator and work on either movies or video games. I am an internally driven perfectionist and if you’re familiar with MBTI, an INTP.

I find wonder and beauty in the universe and all that may or may not drive it. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge which I try and subside with personal research in many different subjects like human behavior, astronomy, physics, quantum mechanics and a bit of metaphysics here and there.

If you’re interested in my work:
I make electronic music ranging from Trance to Hardstyle. You can check that stuff out here.
I draw, mostly My Little Pony art. You can find that stuff here.
I also recently began animating in Source Filmmaker, which you can see here.[/box]

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DragonSlayer495Age: 2nd youngest on Monkey Mines.
From: England, UK.

DS was the first to start Minecraft and is solely responsible for his dad spending most of his spare time on Monkey Mines, although he won’t admit it.

He has two homes, a woolly barn at spawn and a jungle temple in the jungle!

He loves olives and curry, but not in the same dish!

DS plays lots of other on-line games such as WoW and Dungeons and Dragons online. He also enjoys playing Magic the Gathering card game and online.

He has developed an adventure map or two in Minecraft which DM has played. Although not super hostile they are still daunting for DM who gets killed many times>

DS once managed to knock himself into lava with a knock back bow whilst mucking around too close to the edge.

Highlight of his Minecraft playing life was going to Minecon 2012 at Disneyland Paris with his Dad.[/box]

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arstinsonAge: 29 w/ several years of experience
From: Cincinnati, OH

NosNits is a bit of a prankster.  He has been known to lurk around and troll someone when they least expect it.  Besides pranking, NosNits likes to build things with redstone (although he isn’t very good at it), and he likes to come up with unique ways to modify and expand natural things found in Minecraft.

NosNits was introduced to Minecraft after his son jxstinson (also a MonkeyMiner) showed him the “TNT” – A Minecraft Parody of Taio Cruz’s Dynamite video by CaptainSparklez. After seeing that video it intrigued him to give Minecraft a chance, and the rest is history.

Be sure to go check out my YouTube channel here:[/box]
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ScoobyJAge: 34
From: Boston, MA

ScoobyJ has been playing Minecraft since FatherTony dragged him into it years ago. He also currently plays SC2, LoL, and Candy Crush Saga. And still occasionally plays TF2, L4D/L4D2, WoW, Eve, SWotR, SimCity, TheSims, and Portal/Portal2.

In Minecraft, He’s a gatherer at heart and is always willing to help out with someone’s project. While you may see him on at all times during the day, he probably isn’t doing anything except probably riding around spawn on his horse.

Post a sign on his lawn for 10,000 cobblestone and consider it done.[/box]

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synfill Age: 24
From: Sydney, Australia

Syn is one of the newest members to the Monkey Mines server. He has been playing Minecraft for well over 2 years. He knows a fair chunk of information about the game and is always willing to test and try out new ideas that will make his life easier (possibly the other too). My deaths usually come from being AFK and getting distracted in real life then realising I was logged in and out in the wilderness where I have been mauled by a zombie, pierced by an arrow or esploded by a creeper.

Syn has played many games in the last 10-12 years, mainly being obsessed with one game at a time. A few games that stand out would be Diablo 2, WoW, Halo (including all following titles), Assassin’s Creed (including all following titles). While a few games that are still in alpha or beta that I have gained access to are Firefall, Warframe, Path of Exile and Cube World. His current obsession is Minecraft and probably will continue to be for many years, though his productivity depends heavily on desire to out do someone else.

You can learn more about him on his YouTube channel [/box]