How to Post

So you would like to post on the new  Great!  Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to do it!


Step One:

Get to Login Page

Start by going to

(You’ll probably want to bookmark that)

02 LoginURL

Step Two:


If you don’t already have login credentials and would like to post something, contact Monkey through Skype or email.  If you don’t have his Skype or email, you probably won’t have permission to post anyway.

03 Login

Step Three:

Create New Post

Hover over “New” in the WordPress bar and select “New Post”

04 NewPost


Step Four:

Write your Post

Make sure you add a Title, and Fill in the Body of the post!  If you’re adding a YouTube video, simply put the link by itself, WordPress will add all the embedding stuff and make the video appear as a video instead of a text link.

MAKE SURE TO ADD YOUR POST TO A CATEGORY!!!  Right now, you can choose YouTube names (which are at the top of the new website) or you can choose “Events.”  I would like to add more categories for people’s build areas if you want to write stuff about them, but I didn’t create anything for those yet until we get some interest in people doing that.  It’s up to you.  Want to make a virtual tour of your builds?  We can add that (and I’d love to!).

05 FillPost


Step Five:


It’s important to preview your post before you post it, so hit that preview button on the right and see how it looks!  (Will open in new tab).  Once you’re happy with it, go ahead and post it!

06 Preview



That was easy

There are lots of other things you can do with adding pictures (add media button above the “Body” of the post) and stuff like that.  If you have any trouble, just contact me!  And you can change the “Visibility” of posts to private or just save them as a draft if you get stuck.  You can always ask me for help!